AJ Chocolates was founded by Alissa Gaines. Her inspiration was
developed through her extensive knowledge of producing luxury
truffles and other specialty chocolate delicacies. Even with a
successful career in the corporate real estate sector, she has
always been involved in producing luxury chocolate confections
and has been praised for her skills as a chocolatier in several
New York publications.

From this, AJ Chocolates was founded on the principles of
entwining two great passions: providing chocolate confectionery
that the most sophisticated palette will enjoy, and sharing the
pleasure that was once reserved exclusively for family and friends.

With our truffles outstanding taste experience and beautiful
presentation, the usual response is ‘wow’. Only premium fresh
natural ingredients which are free from preservatives are used.
This is what makes a truly exceptional chocolate. All the truffles
are hand-made so that the texture and consistency is perfect.
Presentation is also important to us. The elegant artistic packaging mirrors all your gifting needs, for friends,
family and corporate gifting; and includes an elegant card.

Alissa donates 10% of all sales to ‘The Fresh Air Fund’, which provides an opportunity for city children to
experience the joys of summer at either their camp or with host families.

“I feel very strongly about the giving of oneself. We are so blessed to have many good things in life which
would not have been possible without the support of those around us. That support gives us hope and security,
which helps steer us in the right direction. I want to do that for other people.”